Sanya – the Hawaii of China.

A blog post that should have been written December 2016.. finally come to life.

Mom and I decided to go to Sanya for a few days right after Christmas (December 26-December 31) to get some sunshine and to escape the cold of the city. Well, we didn’t really accomplish those goals. It was a tad bit warmer in Sanya than it was in Guangzhou, but it wasn’t sunnier as it rained or was over cast most of the time, but we still enjoyed our time in Sanya!

The first day we arrived, we bummed around our hotel, saw what there was to see and put on our bathing suits to enjoy an hour of sunshine by the pool. Afterwards we went wandering and happened to bump into one of my work colleagues. We decided to go for a drink with her and then for supper.

The second day, as it was a bit overcast and not a sit by the pool day, we decided to hit up Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park.¬†There were some pretty good views of Yalong Bay (the area of Sanya we were staying in). Also, it is just a lot of fun to be in nature. We went on a tour in the forrest which was ok, but a bit hard because we didn’t speak Chinese and the tour guide did not speak English. But, there was one nice gentleman who did speak English and he was a bit like our keeper – making sure that we didn’t get lost and that we stayed with the group and understood the instructions of the guide (like meet back at this spot at this time).

We also went on this pretty crazy suspension bridge. It was crazy mostly because they crammed about 200 people onto this 200m long bridge – I was a little afraid that it would collapse – thankfully it didn’t and we lived to see the next day.

The third day was once again over cast and cloudy, so we went to the Binglanggu Li and Mao Cultural Heritage Park near Yalong Bay. This was a cultural village where we learned all about the Li and Mao people of China. We learned all about how they live, handicrafts that they do (e.g. we saw women who were weaving tapestries), and got to wander around the village. We were also treated to a show featuring some of their traditional dances and songs.

Once we left the village, we were able to head down to the ocean to walk along the shore line and see some of the other resorts.

The last day, mom and I went wandering along the ocean one last time before we boarded the plane back to Guangzhou. Overall it was an enjoyable trip!

Lesson learned: It doesn’t have to be perfect weather to enjoy some time in the outdoors.


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