Sunday Funday with mom!

A blog post that should have been written Mid-December 2016.. Finally come to life.

So, my mom woke up on Sunday with one thought in her head… “You need a Christmas tree!” So, a few minutes on google later, we were off on our second day of exploring Guangzhou, more specifically Haizhu Square. Haizhu Square is apparently a little area of downtown that caters to all of the main festivals – at Halloween, they sell lots of Halloween decorations, at Christmas, it is Christmas decorations, for Chinese New Year, it is of course decorated with tons of red lanterns.

Of course, there were tons of stalls to poke around at, but most of them had the same things as every other stall. In the end, the mission was accomplished – we found a Christmas tree and some little decorations to ensure that it was “beginning to look a lot like Christmas”.


Lesson learned -even though Christmas isn’t really a thing in China, it is still a thing and you can find decorations!


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