My mom came to visit!!!

A blog post that should have been written mid-December, 2016… finally come to life!

The hardest part about being away from home is missing my friends and family. Thanks to modern technology, video phone calls and texting help to lessen the gap, but it is still hard. So, it was so exciting when my mom landed in China to visit me for 3 weeks over the Christmas break!


This was our first mother-daughter selfie in China!

My mom arrived on Thursday evening and took Friday (while I was at work) to sleep, unpack, read a book and get somewhat onto China time… but when the weekend came, we were off to explore China. It was hard to decide what to do with my mom – I knew she would have some time to explore while I was still at work, so we decided that she would do some of the sights I have already seen on her time and that she and I would go out together to do new sights.

So, the first weekend we took a very very long trip out to the Nansha Tianhou┬áTemple. It was actually a pretty interesting temple to see – too bad it is so far away! Once we actually got to the correct metro station (about 40 minutes on the bus and 45 minutes on the metro), we then had to find a cab to drive us to the destination. Not being able to speak Chinese makes it hard, but I did have it written down in Chinese characters and a picture of it, so I hoped that we would make it to the right place. And we did!

Here are some of the pictures we took before we even got to the temple. Once we walked there and found it, we were greeted with this beautiful view…


This temple is truly unlike any other I have seen in China (and I have seen a lot). My mom quickly remembered that in China, we spell the word temple by saying: “s-t-a-i-r-s!” There were a lot of stairs – and the added pollution in the air and the smoke from all of the incense didn’t help, but we did make it all the way to the top!

Overall, despite the extremely long journey to get there, it was a great day spent with my mom!

Lesson learned – check out the map before you just decide on a whim to head out to see a sight!


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