Craft night

A blog that should have been written in December 2016… finally coming to life!!!

So, I joined the MeetUp website. In a nutshell, MeetUp is a website where groups can post events that they are having and others can join the event and meet new people while doing fun things. The first MeetUp I did was with a group called Craft Night Out. We did a craft called Zentangles. The gist of Zentangles is that you make a design and repeat it all over to cover your object – ┬áin this case, a small plate and mug.

Since it is almost Christmas, I decided to do a Christmas based project for my Zentangles. I didn’t follow the rules 100%, in that I didn’t stick to one pattern, but I decided to do some pattern blocking on my project to fill in the spaces. Here are a few snapshots of me in action:

All we used were colourful sharpies and then later, we went home and baked them in our ovens.

Here are some close ups of my projects:

I think that they turned out ok!

In addition to doing the craft, I got to meet 6 other women (who all happen to work at the American International School) and have a great meal at a Western restaurant (a break from Chinese Food!)


All in all, it was a great evening. I can’t wait for the next craft night out!

Lesson learned: it can be scary to join a group of people you don’t know, but it can also be a lot of fun!


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