Christmas in the classroom

A blog post that should have been written mid-December, 2016… Finally come to life!!

So, as a classroom teacher, Christmas is one of the BIG holidays. I didn’t really know what to expect coming to an International School (and especially with 7 students out of 18 who are Arabic), but most of them celebrate, or at least know of Christmas, and none of my students were pulled from or removed from Christmas activities in the classroom or the school.

The first big Christmas activity was our Christmas concert – the goal was to dress up in our finest “Ugly Christmas Sweaters”. Not having an ugly Christmas sweater, I made my own… and I think it turned out ok (at least better than my Halloween costume – refer back to my post about Halloween in case you forgot about that disaster!). Here is my creation:


Of course… my kids sang like little angels…. how could they not??? They are great singers.

Next was seeing decorations go up at our school to help us get in the festive spirit:

And of course, there was work to be done in our classroom. My kids make some great ornaments to decorate our classroom Christmas Tree.. some are 3D ornaments made from paper, others are the glass ball ornaments that have snowmen on them.


For the glass ornaments I painted their fingers white (yes, some of them were shocked that I would actually paint their fingers!) and they placed their fingers on the ornament. The next day, when the outline of the 4 snowmen were done, they used paint to add detail like a carrot nose, a hat or extra snowflakes. As with all projects, some were better than others.


Finally, the last day of school came, and we had a party with a pot luck. Kids were invited to bring food to share with their classmates and we ate food and watched a movie.


Finally it was time to say goodbye to them for much needed week of rest and relaxation!

Lesson learned – Christmas is always fun, no matter what part of the world you are living in – you might have to find ways to improvise to make it awesome!


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