Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

A blog post that should have been written end of December 2016… Finally come to life!

Remember how my mom is in town? I must admit, I was so happy to have her here for my first Christmas away from home. One week off from school was not enough time to fly home to Canada, so if she had not come, I would have spent Christmas alone. Luckily, I didn’t have to!

On Christmas Eve, mom and I decided to go downtown to see all of the buildings decorated for Christmas. Now, here was mom’s thought – we will just go and have dinner at the top of Canton Tower.. with no reservations!!! Hahaha… nope! But, there was a restaurant at the base of the Canton Tower that had room for us… so we went there instead. It was good food, but it had no views of the river and downtown like we had hoped. Oh well!

After dinner, we ventured to the river bank where we took in the lights of the buildings downtown. A couple of buildings and one of the bridges were decorated in Christmas theme – and of course, I can’t go to the Canton Tower without taking yet more¬†pictures of it!


Christmas morning came… and so did Santa Claus!!! He found me, all the way in China. Hahaha! But, actually, I was shocked to see presents under the tree because my and I had celebrated¬†Christmas in August before I left for China, not knowing if she would be able to come to China or not. After we opened presents, we enjoyed a Christmas breakfast of store bought waffles, strawberries and bacon.. a new Christmas morning meal???

That night, we went to a local pub for a Christmas Dinner… it was a meal complete with all of the trimmings – turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, veggies, salad etc… It was great!

And after dinner, to walk off the 100’s of calories we had consumed, we walked to the IFC tower to see the Christmas decorations and the view of the Canton Tower and the Mall of the World from above…. 99 floors above to be exact!

Lesson learned: Christmas traditions are just events – but new traditions can be made by celebrating in new places.



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