A blog post that should have been written mid-December 2016.. finally come to life!

One part of being a teacher at an international school is that we have to volunteer at certain events. One event that I was actually excited to volunteer at was the Gives Festival. This festival is all about giving back to children with special needs in China. There were performances, booths with Christmas themed things to purchase and of course food to buy and eat!

The festival took place at the base of the Canton Tower – and the first thing I noticed was this….


A chance to camp at the base of the Canton tower. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Christmas festival without the lighting of the Christmas tree. For some reason, they decided to light the tree while it was still light outside. In my opinion, that kind of defeats the purpose of lighting a Christmas tree, but whatever…


And I did also get to see it once lit up at night…


One thing that was interesting was that I was there as the sun set and it got dark.. and I got to see the Canton tower turn on…


A few of us decided to go across to the IFC Tower. We went to the Four Seasons hotel that occupies the 70th to the 100th floor of that office building. We went to the 99th floor and have very expensive ($22 Cdn) drinks to celebrate a job well done!


I loved the decorations in the lobby of the hotel.. mostly because they were purple!!!

Lesson learned – No lesson learned here!!! It was a great day!


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