Macau or bust!!!

A blog post that should have been written end November, 2016… Finally brought to life!

I am lucky that my BFF Leah lives in Macau. It is pretty close to Guangzhou… it was only an hour on the train to get to the boarder.

So, the day before I left, I learned that I was going to Macau the weekend of the Grand Prix… so that meant that I was going with almost all of China!! Hahaha.. just kidding, but the boarder crossing was pretty busy; there were so many people there. It took me an hour to cross the boarder, which I thought was a lot of time, but I later learned that that is pretty normal. I guess that going on the 8am train payed off?

Our first stop (after going to her house to drop off my backpack) was the Panda pavilion. Now, I won’t bore you with the 379 million pictures I took.. here are three good ones!!!

He is so cute!!! Anyways – there were 2 Pandas there, but one was sleeping. This little guy was up, active, walking around and eating bamboo. It is a small pavilion, but it was worth the $3 Cdn that we spent to get it.

Next, we took the bus to this cute area of Macau that is right on the river. Across the river is mainland China, and we were standing outside of mainland, in Macau. The houses and architecture there was really cool.

And of course, no trip to Macau would be complete without a trip to see some of the casinos.. They don’t call it the Vegas of China for no reason!!!

Ok, I admit…. I didn’t take a lot of photos of the casinos… but I took a lot of the inside of the casinos because they were all decorated for Christmas!!! Being on mainland China, Christmas is just not a thing, so, it was fun to see some decorations.

The Saturday evening, we played board games with a few of her friends.

On the Sunday, Leah and I hung out and enjoyed a pretty lazy Sunday. We watched some of the Grand Prix on TV, went shopping and out for lunch and researched for our upcoming trip to Vietnam over Chinese New Year. I had to leave her house at 4pm to ensure I left enough time to cross the boarder back into China so that I wouldn’t miss the 7pm train. I thought that with all of the traffic from the Grand Prix it might be busy.. and it was!

Overall, it was a good weekend spent with my best friend.

Lesson learned – no lesson here, but I think this is a trip that I will have to start taking a bit more often. I loved Macau!!!



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