A blog post that should have been written on October 31, 2016… Finally coming to life!

Halloween is, I will admit, one of my least favourite events as a teacher. The kids are excited about trick or treating and they are full of sugar. In addition, the week or so after Halloween is worse! It is not fun to watch students come crashing down from their sugar high and burst into tears because they are so tired from not sleeping the night of the 31st or because they have too much sugar in their systems.

Well, Halloween in China is a bit better – our students still did dress in costume, but because they don’t trick or treat here, there wasn’t that intense sugar high, or sugar crash!

But, the one thing that stresses me out the most about Halloween, and didn’t improve in China, is finding a costume. This year was particularly hard because I couldn’t purchase a costume (I just don’t fit) and I didn’t really know where to go to buy things to make a costume. So, here I am in my home-made costume of Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus…


I know… it’s not great, but… it was the best I could do with the limited time and resources. (P.s. the yellow things are supposed to be stars and the blue and pink things are supposed to be planets.)

One activity I do enjoy is making a graph about CANDY!!! So, I purchased skittles online and then the students graphed the colours of their skittles. Here they are hard at work (I do have good kids.. most of the time!)


And finally, no Halloween would be complete without the traditional class photo with my darlings!


Where’s Waldo???

Oh Halloween…

Lesson learned… if you want to skip Halloween as a teacher, don’t go to an international school where they still celebrate Halloween!!!


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