Dr. Sun Yet Sen Memorial Hall

A blog post that should have been written mid-November 2016… finally brought to life!!!

Another weekend, another chance to see my new city. This weekend, I decided to opt for something more traditional and based out of history – I took off to go see the Dr. Sun Yet Sen Memorial Hall.


Now… I will admit, I am not the best about researching ahead of time about things – I see it, it looks interesting and I go! So, I assumed it was a museum and I would learn all kinds of things about Dr. Sun Yet Sen. NOT!!!! It was actually a gathering hall that they built because Dr. Sen was coming to do a speech. So, the hall had mostly information about how it was built, and not so much about about the man.

Despite that, it was still ok, because I was able to enjoy the beautiful gardens….


And inside the hall, on the second floor there was some absolute beautiful architecture. Anyone who knows me and has seen other pictures of China knows that I love to take pictures of pillars and of windows or doorways… so this hall did not fail to impress me!


Lesson learned – maybe do some research about where I am going before I go???


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