Typhoon Friday!!!

A blog post that should have been written at the end of October  2016… finally coming to life!

On Thursday evening, we were watching our We Chat messages go off like crazy because there was an incoming Typhoon that was supposed to be quite bad. We had learned that the government of Guangzhou had shut down all public schools, however, decisions makers at our schools had not yet decided if we were also going to close our doors for the day.

Finally, at 9:15pm, the decision was made that we would cancel school on Friday. Yippee!!!

Friday morning was a great morning because I didn’t have to wake up and go to school… instead I got to sleep in. I did decide to be some what productive during the day and get a head start on my report cards.

By mid-afternoon we realized that there was nothing coming – we later found out that the typhoon missed us completely – however, I was not complaining that I got an extra day off!

That night we went to supper and were treated to the most brilliant sunset…img_2885

Sunsets are a rare thing to see in China!!! And, what else do you do on Typhoon Friday??? Well, go to the local hangout to watch your colleague and friend play!!!


Lesson learned: The thought of an incoming typhoon is scary, however, it is a nice relief when it misses you completely, but you still get a day off of work!!!


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