A blog post that should have been written October 10th, 2016… Finally coming to life!

So, Thanksgiving  was my first holiday since moving to China. (In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated the second Monday of October every year, so this year, October 10th, 2016). Thanksgiving for me has always been a chance to be with friends and family, eating a great meal and relaxing.

Well, in China, it was just another day. I taught all day – actually, I kind of forgot it was Thanksgiving when I was planning my day, so I didn’t even do a Thanksgiving craft or anything.

However, after work, a bunch of us hopped into some hired cars and headed downtown to a pub named “The Brew”. It is co-owned by an American and a British expat, and obviously it caters to expats. So, what better way to attract a crowd of expats but to host a Thanksgiving dinner!


The food was delicious, and the company was great too!

Lesson learned : look to restaurants or pubs that cater to expats to find a place to celebrate holidays and events from back home!


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