Cambodia part 3 – Other fun things to do!

A blog that should have been posted October 9th, 2016… Finally brought to life!

So, what else is there to do besides the temples, you might ask? Well, of course, there are tons of restaurants to eat at on Pub Street – from Mexican, to Italian, to Khmer food, there is something for every taste.

And all around Pub Street, in many directions, you can find markets, night markets and shops! I found many interesting things to buy, but I settled on a painting and a Khmer style scarf.

And of course, there are cooking classes!!! My friends and I decided to go with Le Tigre du Papier, a French restaurant found on Pub Street. Don’t let the French name fool you, the cooking class offers traditional Cambodian food to cook.

The class started with a quick tour around the local market to see where the restaurant purchases their produce, meat and spices. The colors in the market were absolutely beautiful!


Then, back to the kitchen to make our food! I chose to make the vegetarian Spring Rolls and the Chicken Amok.

The hardest part was grinding up all of the spices together to make the yellow lemongrass amok flavour. Of course, you can buy it in the market for $1Us, but it was much more rewarding to make it myself!


Here I am cooking the chicken, amok spice and coconut milk together – as you can see, I had not yet added the mushrooms or parsley.


My final product!!! Traditional Chicken Amok!!! It was actually pretty delicious!


And here are the various finished products.


But before we indulged in our meal, we watched our instructor make the cinnamon and caramel glazed bananas.


This cooking class was a lot of fun, and for $35 US, there was way more food than any of us could have eaten!!!

Lesson learned: When traveling to a new country, check out if there are local cooking classes – cooking it yourself gives you a fresh perspective!


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