Adventures in cooking!

A blog post that should have been written at the end of August, 2016… finally coming to life!

So… cooking in China has been quite the experience. First, lets talk about my kitchen… it is small… as in when I ¬†crouch down to get something off of the bottom shelf of the cupboard, my knees touch the other wall small. And, to boot, there is NO counter space!!! What you see in this picture is the extent of the counter space in the whole kitchen!


There are two burners that work on the cooktop (the one in the middle doesn’t work). So, I have had to learn how to cook things in two pots. However, I have been eating a lot of this lately:


You know… stir fry with noodles… or stir fry with rice. Basically, rice or noodles, chicken and veggies. I am not going to lie, eating the same thing day in and day out is starting to get a bit boring. So… I went out and found an oven. Ok, a toaster oven, but the only thing you can find in China.


Ta da!!! No more rice or noodle stir fry every day!!! And, to celebrate… a quesadilla!!! Yum, yum!!!


Lesson learned: Invest in an oven, or any cooking utensils that make cooking tasty and delicious food easier.


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