Canton Tower

A blog post written on August 20th, 2016.. finally coming to life!

What do you do on your first weekend in Guangzhou, before your suitcases are even unpacked??? You go to the Canton Tower, of course!!!

Figuring out the metro (not that hard.. it’s all in English) was the first step.

Then, off to downtown. As soon as we exited the metro station… BAM! There she was!!!



And of course, a trip to Canton Tower would not be complete without going up and riding in the bubble cars!


The view from the top (but still enclosed) part of the tower was incredible!

More so,because we got there just as the sun was setting…img_1814

And out onto the observation deck with the bubble cars at the perfect time…img_1815

But another long wait in line allowed us to be in the bubble cars when the sun was completely set… making for stunning pictures of the downtown skyline…


And once down, an equally stunning picture of the Canton Tower all lit up!


When I went to work on Monday morning and told my coworkers that I went to the Canton Tower they were all amazed that I ventured out on my first weekend in Guangzhou… apparently many of them have never been, even though they have lived in Guangzhou for a year or two.

Lesson learned: Don’t go to the main tourist sight on your first weekend??? Nope!!! No lesson learned here, I had a great time!!!


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